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The title says it, I'm working extra hard on some Valentine's Day art for you all! Most or probably all of it is probably gonna be Rise Of The Guardians/Rise Of The Guardians Of Childhood related. (Blame this dude ---> :iconjackfrostguardianplz: .) Not to mention I've just got a list of RotG/RotGoCH (Rise Of The Guardians/Rise Of The Guardians Of Childhood) art work I wanna try to finish in general... In fact there's a list... :faint: Oh we'll, at least I live to draw! Especially these characters! :love: :meow:

So yeah! Expect some of Lovey-Dovey RotG artwork from me, plus a lot of normal RotG art to boot. :iconpervyjackfrostplz: :iconpervybunnymundplz: :iconpervypitchplz:

Also, expect a lot RotG OCs X RotG Cannon Characters fan works. :heart: =P

Also, my awesome friend :iconcoolterra342: 's birthday is coming up on the 9th of February! :party: :cake: So Ima gonna draw her something! :la:

So I'm gonna be busy with my pencil, sketch pad and tablet! :XD: Oh well! :shrug: An artist's gotta do what an artist's gotta do!

Thanks for reading if you dared to!

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February 1, 2013


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